Thursday, July 12, 2007

Take-Out, Pt. 1

So these are a bit rushed, the ideas a bit unrealized or not taken as far as they could have been, but it just gets so long; working on keeping it short and sweet. There are also some terrible drawings in here, but there is definite progress in drawing actual frames and general pacing/ organization...enjoy!!!


lllll3lllll said...

What made me lol was when the brain pretended to be cow brains. That was great....and the eisle of food with the funny labels.

Ryan@FiestaTX said...

the Stop sign read 'STOP BUSH'. Subtle Mr. Otto... I didn't like the fact that your body and your mind were drinking your soul or that your mind vomited it. But it brings to light the way we mistreat our souls in the modern era through prideful 'progressive' thinking and demeaning food, and habits.

My favorite part was the GROSS food bag that read 'CHICKEN PIZZA BEEF BURRITO SUPREME!' LOL