Friday, February 2, 2007


Well, here's a silly new cartoon I'd like to share with you. In the simple and broadest sense, it's a study of and satire on consciousness. This first strip, Origins, is simply an explanation of where the hell these surreal characters came from, and hence, is a lot longer than I'd like these strips to be. The structural format was really organic, and not your standard cartoon boxes, so it was really hard to photograph. Sorry for the confusion and overlap of images. In the future I'll work on making these toons short and sweet, and easier to read.
The concept behind the whole thing may at first seem overtly self-indulgent, having three main characters that are basically me, myself, and I, but hey, all I have is my own experience to draw from. I'm sure you're sick of seeing the same old stereotypical animal or family members in cartoons. Anyway, the brain character, "Mind," will be more a representative of universal knowledge and "Soul" a representative of universal spirituality, rather than just my own views and beliefs. So, hope you enjoy, and thanks for taking a gander and offering any advice or comments.

Oh, if you're having trouble discerning them, click on the pics for a larger view.

ORIGINS- pt. 6

ORIGINS- pt. 5

ORIGINS- pt. 4

ORIGINS- pt. 3


ORIGINS- pt. 1