Saturday, July 21, 2007

useless memories

So, I have this filing cabinet full of my copious college notes, and some from high school. I often go through them and wonder, where did all this information and knowledge that I worked so hard to acquire go? It seems such a shame. To think of the countless hours I studied in dimly lit, stale-air college libraries (UTSA & SAC) force feeding my brain all this information, only to have it slip away soon after the final course testing. It makes you question the efficiency of our learning institutions. I mean, when have I ever had to use higher algebraic math since then? If the focus of my studies was in any other area than art, maybe I would use it. But I seem to remember making it very clear on declaring my Major area of study to be visual arts. Perhaps learning how to work with abstract number formulas helped my brain develop under the surface, improving the functionality of my subconscious processes. Maybe it just improved my ability to concentrate, buckle down and put in hard mental effort. What do you think?

Oh, sorry about the gag joke...I just can't resist!